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When you are looking for shoes made from textile, then your destination should be the Converse shoes.

The original canvas shoe today comes in various materials like denim, hemp, printed textiles, rubber, vinyl, suede and leather Adidas Y-3 Torsion Heel 90. Did you know that the late basket ball player Chuck Taylor made them popular by adopting them as his preferred shoe and lending them his name So, when you buy this shoe, you know you are buying a piece of history as these shoes got their name and fame as 'Chuck all stars' only after the great player.

Although made popular by the sports legend these shoes made their way into the fashion arena, as they were worn by the then popular rock bands such as Ramones and more lately by Kurt Cobaine of the Nirvana band, U2 guitarist, The Edge Air Jordan 9 High Heels. If you are a serious basket ball player then you will know that the All Star shoes are synonymous with basket ball.

The All Star shoe was first created in 1917 and after years of changes and adding new colours, today the converse all star double upper hi basket ball shoes come with a classic heritage which transcends in to the trendy Nike Dunk SB Stiletto High Heels. With a range of hip colours and double eyelets, try to lace up with two different coloured laces! Made from classic canvas upper, the shoe comes with a smooth rubber toe cap and a flexible double tongue and flexible double heel.

Be the first to wear them and be spotted in these cool, hip and classic converse basket ball shoes! Look at the reinterpreted laceless version of the Converse shoes by John Varvatos. Keeping up with the demands of the customers, Converse in collaboration with John Varvatos, came up with the sprint grip slip on shoe that is a slip on stylish sneaker with canvas and leather upper, a fabric lining, and a rubber out sole for durability. Wear them with jeans or any casual out fit. These are great for quick changes too, as the slip ons save on time and easy to pull off and on. A good choice, when you are travelling long distances so as to be able to take off and put your feet up or to slip them right back on and walk from gate to gate! As mentioned earlier, Converse canvas shoes have crept from sports to fashion so smoothly that it is difficult to trace back how exactly it happened. Today the shoe has evolved through the use of stylized shoe laces, (including mismatched or printed shoe laces), writing or drawings on the shoe, from blacks and whites to multi coloured or printed, which makes it a global favourite. The Converse Draugen Hi 106104 is an example of trendy, hot and happening shoe with leather and canvas patchwork and the Converse All Star logo on the side. The gold and black shoe is a combination of culture and creativity with the graphics drawn by Converse artists and comes with a red shoe tongue tag and red eyelets and foot bed. That's not all - a portion of the money that it is sold for goes to the Global fund to fight AIDS and tuberculosis. So gift this to your young teenage son and you are sure to see him go to school on time everyday! If you are a quick and an efficient runner then you would want something more from your shoe than just light weight. This next shoe is light weight without compromising on the cushioning effect of the foot bed. The Converse work high performance composite ESD Hi top athletic shoe nicely fits in the requirements for a fast paced athlete! The shoe comes with a composite toe and Drilex, a moisture absorbing lining and a removable polyurethane cushion insert insole. The soft EVA midsole and the tough arch stabilizer help encourage foot motion which is extremely helpful for runners. The durable full grain leather upper and mesh help the foot to breathe, keeping it cool. The high performance shoe also comes with a heel air bag, shock eliminator heat plug and 100 percent non metallic construction.